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Forgiveness as a Witness. By Joyce Sams, page 2
Why give up your 'rights' when you've been wronged?

The Clock Ticks Louder. By Ron Stansell, page 6
History's on the run .... Can we keep up?

Maria - Mary. By Carolyn Stansell, page 8
Through tragedy and struggle - still chosen by God

The Power of Prayer. By Phil Smith, page 8
Can prayer really change the world?

The Jericho Road. By Lauren King, page 12
Who should we help?

The Castle. By Janelle Townsend, page 15
Building shelter that lasts

Serve the Lord with...? By Vaughan Palmore, page 16
It's not what you do that matters most.

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WorldWinds, 14
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Friends Write, 17
Hot off the FAX, 19
What About Our Friends? 20


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Evangelical Friend, January/February 1994 (Vol. 27, No. 3)