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What in the World Is God Doing? By Fred Gregory, page 2
Behind the scenes on the evening news lies another reality.

Sent to Siberia. By Robert Sheldon, page 6
Is Russia ready to be a mission field?

Storytelling. By Carol A. Mullikin, page 8
Exploring the process of knowing God and each other

Haven for the Homeless. By Carol Munson, page 11
One church family's simple and effective offer of love

The Eye of the Storm. By David Burch, page 13
An insurance agent meets hurricane Andrew.

'Publishers of Truth' Contest Winners, page 14
Touching stories of how God touches us

God's Grandeur Revisited. By Tom Springer, page 19
Can even the earth be redeemed?

Regular Features
Speaking the Truth, 4
To the Point, 9
A Certain Shaft of Light, 10
WorldWinds, 17
Friends Read, 18
Friends Write, 18
Hot off the FAX, 20
What About Our Friends? 21

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, July/August 1993 (Vol. 26, No. 6)