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Funny Things Happen on the Way to the Cemetery. By Tom Mullen, page 2
Does humor have a place in the holy life?

Comic Reversal and Cosmic Reversal. By Stan Thornburg, page 6
A stand-up routine in Galilee

Laughter Defies Gravity. By Howard R. Macy, page 9
Comedy: a choice of faith

Tales of a New Convert. By Evan Jay Lee Kell, page 12
A light look at life among Friends

Humor as a Survival Tactic. By Jim Teeters, page 14
Hope, trust, and healing

A Time to Laugh. By Jack L. Willcuts, page 16
The use and abuse of levity

What's So Funny? page 19
Overheard, overlooked, overjoyed, overrated, and overdone

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Speaking the Truth, 4
Friends Read, 8
To the Point, 10
On the Growing Edge, 11
Friends Write, 13
Hot off the FAX, 18
What About Our Friends? 20
Ponderings and Bustlings, 28


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Evangelical Friend, January/February 1993 (Vol. 26, No. 3)