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The Shadow and the Substance. By John Punshon, page 2
A search for the deeper truths and a real experience

The Sacrament of Discipleship. By Chuck Orwiler, page 6
Who do you want to be "like"?

Listening to God Together. By Margaret Benefiel and Ken Haase, page 8
Discovering direction in times of decision

Fulfilling the Love Commandment. By Karen Roberts, page 10
Is it possible for others to know everything about you and still accept you?

The Purest Praise. By Hank Helsabeck, page 12
When you thank God for what He does, don't neglect to praise Him for who He is.

Worship in Central Africa. By Willard Ferguson, page 15
What can you learn about loving God - African style?

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A Certain Shaft of Light, 17
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What About Our Friends? 21
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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, November/December 1992 (Vol. 26, No. 2)