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The Church Comes Home. By Robert Banks, page 2
A phenomenon present throughout church history is emerging once again.

The Church - A Scriptural Portrait. By Roscoe B. Townsend, page 6
Putting together 'sketches' gives us a more complete picture.

Miracle on 2nd Street. By Greg Skipper, page 9
Making a place for the unchurched

Restoring Inactive Members. By Marilyn D. Brendan, page 11
How can you help when someone drifts away?

Belonging to the Club Without Joining. By Harold Antrim, page 13
Commitment and participation go hand in hand.

William Penn. By Del Coppinger, page 14
One of the most successful democratic experiments was inspired by Quaker beliefs.

Redefining Senior Adults. By Win and Charles Arn, page 16
A growing section of our population has more to offer than ever before.

25 Years. By Harlow Ankeny, page 18
A founder recaps this magazine's first quarter century.

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Evangelical Friend, September/October 1992 (Vol. 26, No. 1)