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How Missionaries Enrich Cultures. By Don Richardson, page 2
Spiritual meanings lie dormant in many traditions.

Evangelism vs. the Gospel. By Rebecca Thomas Ankeny, page 7
"The power of the Gospel does not depend on the perfection of the messengers."

Grandma Is a Pastor. By Janelle Townsend, page 8
"Minding the Lord" is serious business.

What's Next, Lord? By Betty Hockett, page 10
Through war, uncertainty, and changes of plan, God was always one step ahead.

The Quadriphonic Great Commission. By Paul Anderson, page 12
Four separate accounts add richness and depth to Christ's commands.

Called? ... Who Me? By Lucy Anderson, page 14
God wants us to use our gifts.

James. By Linda Pullen, page 16
A reflection on what it means to be Christlike

Lotteries: A Bad Bet. By Tom Simpson, page 17
A guide to asking the right questions

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Evangelical Friend, July/August 1992 (Vol. 25, No. 6)