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Walter and Emma Malone. By John Oliver, page 2
Many aspects of Quakerism as we know it today were pioneered by this venturesome couple.

Women in Leadership: The Fly or the Ointment. By Mary Katherine Morse, page 7
Are we getting our models of hierarchy from the world or from Christ?

A Legacy of Faithfulness. By Susan M. Shaw, page 9
A Southern Baptist discovers Quaker women.

Women in Ministry: One Man's Experience. By Paul Galbreath, page 10
"The removal of the minister as the 'male authority figure' offers us the possibility of understanding ministry and leadership in new ways."

How to Handle the 'Gimmies.' By Kathleen Bufford, page 12
Finding a positive response to the greed of the Christmas season

Poems of Christmas Hope. By Arthur O. Roberts, page 14
"Even two pregnant women chatting over tea can signify a turn of history..."

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Evangelical Friend, November/December 1991 (Vol. 24, No. 2)