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Model ... Teacher. By Marti Watson Garlett, page 2
What can we learn about teaching from the Master Teacher?

Christians Make a Difference. By Gary Townsend, page 6
Society's children will be influenced by someone. Why not Christians?

Milo Ross: A Study in Resourcefulness. By Dennis Hagen, page 9
Quaker higher education owes much to this multifaceted man.

Queried Glory. By Barbara Dehlinger, page 11
A poet reflects on "Pied Beauty" by Gerald Hopkins

Nourishing Pastoral Effectiveness. By R'Dean L. Smith, Jr., page 12
How to "grow" a strong and effective minister.

It's Not the Same Anymore! By Betty M. Hockett, page 15
Putting up with GROWING pains and growing PAINS

Fifth World Conference: A Reflection. By Joel Schmeltzer, page 16
What happens when evangelicals rub elbows with the "other Quakers"?

Letter Writing as a Tool of Influence. By Carol Kelley, page 18
Take your pen in hand and make it "mightier than the sword."

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Speaking the Truth, 4
Friends Read, 8
To the Point, 10
On the Growing Edge, 17
Hot off the FAX, 20
What About Our Friends? 21
Ponderings and Bustlings, 28

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, September/October 1991 (Vol. 25, No. 1)