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Teaching Each Other to Pray. By Howard Macy, page 2
Practice may make "perfect," but sometimes we need a little help.

Embracing the Silence. By Paul Anderson, page 6
Do you suffer from "spiritual attention deficit"?

A Christ-Centered, Bible-Believing Quaker. By Richard Wood, page 8
The implications are not as obvious as you might think.

Music Is Mighty in Manila. By Dick Cadd, page 11
Drama and music bring a message of hope to packed theaters.

How About a Bible Study? By Becky Towne, page 13
Fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth, too

Working to Reconcile. By Jennifer L. Fyock, page 14
Fostering unity between races within the church is not just "nice," it's "necessary."

Still Going Strong. By Betty M. Hockett, page 16
Flexibility and perseverance make up a missionary's life.

We Need Them, Too. By Joshua Brown, page17
Breaking down barriers sets those on both sides free.

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Evangelical Friend, July/August 1991 (Vol. 24, No. 6)