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As for Me and My House. By David O. Williams, page 2
How can your family reflect Jesus Christ to the world?

Does Your Family Need Help? By Rodger K. Bufford, page 6
Six steps to build and strengthen family relationships

Can Mothers Find Unity? By Lisa McMinn, page 9
Bridging the gap between "stay-at-home" and "working" moms

Foster Care: A Family Ministry. By Roger and Sue Watson, page 11
Children who need healthy homes can learn about love.

Father's Unwavering Love. By Audrey M. Oliphant, page 13
A daughter remembers the priceless heritage of a Godly father.

A Place for Me. By Barbara Reynolds, page 14
Finding a church family

A Vision of Possibility. By Susan Willcuts Kendall, page 16
Discover a new calling beyond the world's agenda for success.

Peace and the Gulf. By Kirk Mylander, page 18
The story of a personal journey

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Evangelical Friend, May/June 1991 (Vol. 24, No. 5)