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Come out of the Deadly Cocoon. By Lauren King, page 2
Will our churches fly or die in cozy isolation?

A New Day - A New Way? By Del Huff, page 6
Life and ministry in Central Europe, before and after "the Iron Curtain" fell.

Stop the Revolving Door. By John Ryser, page 10
Are we undermining pastors' effectiveness or helping them fulfill their potential?

Friends Have a Future - IF. By Stan Perisho, page 12
Our effectiveness in the world may depend largely three vital disciplines.

Of Old Crusts and New Life. By Bruce Bishop, page 15
Are we keeping young people in the locker room or letting them out on the field?

Tenderhearted John. By Betty Hockett, page 17
A childhood experience begins a lifelong journey of love and boldness.

The Twenty-third Psalm. By Margaret Cox Wallace, page 18
Explore this old favorite anew and discover profound truths and healing.

Regular Features
Speaking the Truth, 4
Friends Write, 8
To the Point, 17
Hot off the FAX, 21
What About Our Friends? 22
A Certain Shaft of Light, 28


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Evangelical Friend, March/April 1991 (Vol. 24, No. 4)