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Ministering in a Different World. By James R. Newby, page 2
Mainline churches are dying. Can we face the challenge of the future?

Waking Up to a Generational Revolution. By Tom Sine, page 6
"Boosters," "Boomers," and "Busters" - Is the church ready for them?

Grandad, the Bible, and the Newspaper. By John Punshon, page 10
Does the Bible have anything to say about our modern, complicated, and often uncomfortable world?

Making Peace - Making Disciples Interview of Johan Maurer. By Ron Mock, page 13
What does peacemaking have to do with evangelism?

Impressions from the First International Theological Conference of Quaker Women. By Celia Mueller, page 15
Learning to view women as Jesus does may be more challenging than you think.

An Unexpected Ministry. By Martha L. VanCise, page 17
Involvement in social issues can be more than "protest;' it can be ministry.

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Evangelical Friend, January/February 1991 (Vol. 24, No. 3)