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Intercultural Ministry and the Chameleon Strategy. By Ron Stansell, page 2
What does this lowly member of the animal kingdom have to do with ministering to our world?

C.A.R.E. for the City. By Steve Pedigo, page 6
Urban mission fields are expanding. How can we begin to address these opportunities?

Life Ministries: An Open Door in Houston's Fifth Ward. By Randy Littlefield and Roy Skeeter, page 9
A vital inner-city ministry mixed with volunteers from across the nation yields amazing results.

Where to Draw the Line. By John Barclay, page 12
Where do we draw the line in our relationships to the practices and values of a predominantly non-Christian culture?

On Becoming a Christian. By Arthur O. Roberts, page 16
Whether you have chosen Christ or are still searching, this beautifully simple explanation of the journey will illuminate your path.

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Evangelical Friend, September/October 1990 (Vol. 24, No. 1)