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Grant L. Martin
The gift of depression. Page 2

Pauline E. Spray
Happiness is... mental discipline. Page 3

Charlotte Macy
Camping for Christ: Opportunities unlimited. Page 6

Louise George
Of Boston ferns and missionaries. Page 7

Martha VanCise
When change comes. Page 8

Bob L. Ezell
To honor and obey. Page 9

Charles Maxson
I want to be like you. Page 9

Gerry Custer
Missionary voices: Medical missions... ministering for time and eternity. Page 10

Howard Moore & James E. Morris
Over 500 percent early growth for Friends in the Phillippines. Page 11

R. Ward Harrington
The beginnings of Quakerism in New Amsterdam. Page 12

Howard Macy
Let's be Friends: Ordinary people. Page 14

Jack L. Willcuts
Editorial: On holding a clear perspective. Page 15

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Personnel and Full Program, Conference of Evangelical Friends. Pages 30-31


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Evangelical Friend, June 1981 (Vol. 14, No. 10)