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Two good trends,
A mountaintop experience. Page 5

When is the church fulfilling its mission?
A veteran Ohio pastor answers, "If our only means is from the pulpit we are missing the mark." Page 6

EFA Coordinating Council meets in Oklahoma City
Editor Jack Will cuts reports recent EFA actions and brings an update on the EFA "Missions Umbrella Plan." Page 8

Holding fast to what is good
"This is a time of sorting out the values that are Christian from those that are cultural." Page 10

Faith works
"Assess the level of your Christian involvement. If you are not involved in a Christian endeavor, why not?" Page 13

Meeting Life's Crises: A broken heart
One mother, with courage and tenderness, opens her heart concerns for her daughter to be shared by the Christian fellowship. Page 14

Missionary Voice
'Oh, the rains came down ...' 16
Adventuring with God in Faith Promise giving 18

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
The Children's Page 19
Friends Concerns 20
Friends Gather 22
Friends Record 25
Friends Write 26
Over the Teacup 27
Books 27


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Evangelical Friend, February 1976 (Vol. 9, No. 6)