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We are all in the same boat,
What can a church do for the mentally retarded? Page 5

Help us to listen
A layman speaks to pastors, saying "we need your help, your help in our listening," then suggests some dos and don'ts. Page 6

A Friendly formula for a happy marriage
Friends have scriptural and practical answers to the marriage problems of every age group. So believes this veteran pastor. Page 8

A testimony against war ... Ann Whitall
As part of our Bicentennial series, writer Marie Haines recalls the story of one Quaker's response during the Revolution. Page 9

Urban minority ministry
"What are the right reasons for an engagement in minority ministry?" "How does one begin?" Here are answers. Page 10

Missionary Voice
Fun and games in Mexico City 12
His wonderful grace 13
Wait! 14
Two 'short-termers' evaluate their service in Taiwan 15

What's so great about Aldersgate?
What's new? Friends leaders in the Northwest found scores of new ideas at a special curriculum seminar! Page 16

Regular Features
The Face of the World 2
Friends Write 2
News of Friends 4
Books 4
Friends Concerns 18
Friends Gather 21
Friends Record 23
Over the Teacup 24


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Evangelical Friend, July 1975 (Vol. 8, No. 11)