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Is your homework done for Yearly Meeting?
'How long is that?' Page 5

On the thirtieth of April in seventy-five
In the second of his Bicentennial series, Ralph Beebe reviews the Vietnam war and compares it to the American Revolution. Page 6

EFA worldwide missions umbrella
Yearly meetings will consider these advantages and disadvantages of combining worldwide mission efforts of the Evangelical Friends Alliance. Page 8

One family's worship - alive and well
"We try to discover creative ways to do things and try to meet everyone's needs." Page 11

Occult studies
Youth editor Don Green suggests methods and materials for those individuals or groups contemplating studies of the occult. Page 12

Missionary Voice
It was good to go back 14
Bolivia and Peru through the eyes of an architect/photographer 16
Missions are still viable in Burundi 17

My faith
A couple with a background in other evangelical churches has found new excitement in the "open worship" of Friends. Page 19

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
News of Friends 4
The Children's Page 10
Friends Concerns 20
Friends Gather 23
Friends Record 25
Over the Teacup 26
Books 27


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Evangelical Friend, June 1975 (Vol. 8, No. 10)