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Friends Write
Presidential pardon: Compassion or 'the hard line'
Amnesty for all! Page 4

Mature hope,
The Quaker cup of tea,
If we could just be sensible about it, we could easily solve our tax problem. Page 5

International Congress on World Evangelism
Russell Myers, president of EFA, answers pertinent questions on the Lausanne conference he attended in July. Page 6

What in the world is the World Relief Commission doing?
"Relief/evangelism can be like a strong and beautiful tapestry expressing Christ's love to a lost and suffering world." Page 9

Accidents: tragedy or triumph?
A sudden crash on the western plains of Kansas opens new vistas of understanding God's ways as He helps a family meet a life crisis. Page 12

Missionary Voice
Missions at our doorstep: The Korean church 14
East meets West 16
They minister to Chinese - here and in Taiwan 17

What's New!
A children's day camp helps make Yearly Meeting time a total family experience to remember. Page 19

Regular Features
Over the Teacup 13
The Children's Page 20
Friends Concerns 21
Friends Gather 25
Friends Record 26
The Face of the World 27


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, October 1974 (Vol. 8, No. 2)