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Let our children go!
Essential Quaker reading. Page 5

This church has come alive!
Although there are many possible reasons, there's no doubt the Holy Spirit has brought new life to Canton Friends. Page 6

George Fox - fasting prophet
"George Fox's fast ... forced the King's hand to turn the rusty prison keys in jails all over England." Page 8

We will never have children
The second in our series, "Meeting Life's Crises," is a beautiful testimony of God's grace upon a young couple in Denver. Page 10

Pastor's Corner
Providing an opportunity for pastors to share together what each has discovered to be helpful in his ministry. Page 11

Looking at 'The Living Bible'
A background and success story of Kenneth Taylor's paraphrase that now nears a sales mark of 15 million copies. Page 12

Missionary Voice
Esther - always there to help 14
Theological education by extension - how does it work? 16
Protein multiplication - rabbits 16
New missionaries to Mexico 17

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
Books 13
The Children's Page 19
Friends Concerns 20
Friends Gather 23
Friends Record 26
Over the Teacup 26
News of Friends 27
What's New! 28


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Evangelical Friend, June 1974 (Vol. 7, No. 10)