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Friends. Also spelledfriends,
'The Christianfamily',
But Jesus did it. Page 5

Quakers and the Scriptures
A contemporary view of an evangelical Friend's understanding of the "authority of the Scriptures." Page 6

Liberty of conscience on the ordinances
Eastern Region's editor, Richard Sartwell, clarifies that group's historical and contemporary view regarding "outward symbols." Page 9

The crucified life
Paul's witness not only gives an example of personal testimony but guidelines for a life fully yielded to God. Page 10

What's New!
We may not be able to "say it with flowers" but there are other ways to express our love and appreciation. Page 13

Missionary Voice
Happy birthday, Cordac / Happy birthday, Union Biblical Seminary 14
Where are Yeotmal graduates? 14
Prayer partner promotion 16
Visitors to Mainland China 17

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
News of Friends 2
The Face of the World 4
Books 12
The Children's Page 18
Friends Concerns 19
Friends Gather 22
Friends Record 25
Over the Teacup 26


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, March 1974 (Vol. 7, No. 7)