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"I want to be saved. Do Friends still believe in that?" The editor tells how one man recently returned to God. Page 5

Philosophy and faith
"A faith subjected to philosophical tests can be stronger than a faith never reflected on." Page 6

Pray for your pastor
With a sense of urgency, an EFA general superintendent calls for all of us to pray for our pastors! Page 11

Of priests and parsons
"For the minister of the Gospel, like the priest of ancient Israel, the authority for his life's work derives directly from God." Page 12

Missionary Voice
New generation of missionaries: 'Hello' 14
'MKs ' -what they are doing 15
With Friends in Jamaica 16

What's New!
The director of Oregon's Camp Tilikum gives the recipe for a successful day camping experience. Page 25

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
The Children's Page 18
Friends Concerns 19
Friends Gather 22
Friends Record 23
Over the Teacup 26
Books 27


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, February 1974 (Vol. 7, No. 6)