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News of Friends
Northwest conference - Faith and Life,
Unity of concern marks meeting of Superintendents. Page 2

So, you want it calm in '74,
'And they walked no more with him.' Page 5

Through the uncertain with the unfailing
"In order to make 1974 a wonderful year, we need to expect great things and put our lives in God's hands." Page 6

1973 - The end was not yet
Norman B. Rohrer of the EPA brings into focus the events of 1973 in his annual "Religion in Review." Page 7

East Whittier Friends and President Nixon
Pastor Eugene Coffin writes an exclusive report on East Whittier Friends Church and the membership of Richard M. Nixon. Page 8

A declaration of evangelical social concern
Fifty evangelical Christian leaders explore the importance of social concern for biblical faith. Page 9

Missionary Voice
A visit to Friends in Bolivia 13
Missions in the next ten years 15

What's New!
What about Senior Adults? Here's a story of how three churches provide creative programs for this segment of our church. Page 17

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Friends Write 4
The Children's Page 18
Friends Concerns 19
Friends Gather 22
Friends Record 25
Books 26
Over the Teacup 27


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Evangelical Friend, January 1974 (Vol. 7, No. 5)