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Christmas and the great commission,
Where and how the Spirit is working today among Friends. Page 5

The calling of a new frontier
Under the organizational umbrella of "Friends in Dallas," a versatile ministry is developing in the Texas metropolis. Page 6

The team ministry, an acceptable concept
In the last of a two-part article, Milo C. Ross details how the "team" functions at Reedwood Friends Church. Page 8

Missionary Voice
Introducing China Evangelical Seminary 11
Three biographies 12
A helping hand 14

Take me out to the ball game
Recreation can be a rewarding part of a church's Christian education program whether it has facilities or not. Page 24

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
Over the Teacup 4
The Children's Page 15
Friends Concerns 16
Friends Gather 20
Friends Record 22
Books 23

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, December 1973 (Vol. 7, No. 4)