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Conference on peace and holiness
Arthur O. Roberts outlines some general results of a conference held at Winona Lake, Indiana, in June. Page 2

Guest Editorial and Editorials
Walter R. Williams, 1884-1973,
Coming soon? Now what?,
Renewal this summer. Page 5

A letter to my son
An overview of theological and philosophical doubts and viewpoints gives a perceptive insight into our times. Page 6

Credit Cardamania
"By depending on credit we imply that He really doesn't mean what He says in His Word." Page 7

Intercessory prayer on an elevator
Twenty years of frustrating relationships with his boss taught Melvin Kenworthy the value of intercessory prayer. Page 8

Missionary Voice
Recognizing miracles 11
CALL - in the language of the people 12
Two Friends missionaries take new assignments 14
A work day at Ceru 16
News notes from the fields 16

Bangladesh - the country and its people
Seattle Attorney Ron Gregory visits his brother Fred in Bangladesh and reports results of Christian compassion. Page 15

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
News of Friends 4
What's New! 18
The Children's Page 19
Friends Concerns 20
Friends Gather 23
Books 27
Over the Teacup 28

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, September 1973 (Vol. 7, No. 1)