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Quaker nouns and adjectives,
On eating in the right places Page 5

Quaker growth
"Statistics indicate we are not growing. It would be more accurate to say we are both growing and dying." Page 6

If we don't win, it's a shame
"Christian racism is ... an outright assault, in the name of Christian orthodoxy, on the doctrine of God's universal love." Page 8

Vacation Bible School 'a la mode'
It's time to plan Vacation Bible School, so EFA's Christian education consultant urges creative planning. Page 11

Twentieth century genesis
"Having made all things for his comfort and enjoyment, man found himself still in trouble." Page 12

Missionary Voice
A barrel stove talks 14
Francisco Mamani - an autobiography 14
Mexican praise and prayer notes 15
The purpose of a book left behind 16

Jesus and the ghetto
Through a simple encounter at the well, Jesus broke the racial barrier - interacting with a person as a person! Page 17

Regular Features
The Face of the World 4
Books 13
The Children's Page 18
Friends Concerns 20
Friends Gather 23
Over the Teacup 27


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Evangelical Friend, February 1973 (Vol. 6, No. 6)