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News of Friends
EFA superintendents minister in London, on mission fields,
Consultation on Mission and Service held at Wichita,
Other news of Friends. Page 2

1973 and Key 73
"Key 73 is worth talking about! But it is not the theme. It is only the vehicle for sharing Christ. who IS the theme." Page 5

New perspectives in mission and service
Editor Jack L. Willcuts admits the differences among Friends, but suggests common denominators for effective mission. Page 6

Religion in review
"1972-The Surge of Conservatism." This is how Norman Rohrer of the Evangelical Press Association sees the year just ended. Page 8

Concerns with many sides
A new series, dealing with what may be controversial subjects, is launched! This month: "Talking in tongues." Page 11

Missionary Voice
Introducing Dr. Mategaonker of India 14
Shopkeeper: twenty-four hours per day! 16

Adventures in teaching
Friends Sunday school teachers across the nation are finding that using new teaching techniques can be fun! Page 28

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
Books 12
The Children's Page 17
Over the Teacup 18
Friends Concerns 19
Friends Gather 22


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Evangelical Friend, January 1973 (Vol. 6, No. 5)