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News of Friends
EFA Coordinating Council opens door,
FWC seeks to keep Friends in 'contact,'
The Four Flats reunited,
Eichenberger named Institute director. Page 2

Little things for little people,
The judge sends pie. Page 5

The church in repair
"The new church, the new vehicle, the new Body of Christ, will have the character of Jesus." Page 6

A plea for peace
"While humanity's mass ignores the message, Individual men meet the Prince of Peace." Page 8

Love: the key to fulfillment
At this Christmas season, we are reminded that the greatest love story ever told is the good news of Jesus. Page 10

Missionary Voice
Hodi? Karibu! 12
The new home of Pastor and Mrs. Chow 13
'How much will it cost to build a church?' 14
The sound in the mulberry trees 16

Moments and miles
A practical demonstration of love "in deed and in truth" is taking place in Tecumseh, Michigan. Page 28

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
The Children's Page 17
Over the Teacup 18
Friends Concerns 19
Friends Gather 23
Books 27


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, December 1972 (Vol. 6, No. 4)