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News of Friends
EFA Executive Committee meets in St. Louis,
FUM meets in July at Green Lake Page 2

It's tough to be a friend,
What happens between Sundays at church? Page 5

Emotional breakdown
"There are many factors in evangelicalism and Christian experience that can act as precipitants of emotional problems." Page 6

Missionary Voice
Big Forest Church - and how it grew 8
Sowing precious seed 9
India impossible? With God nothing is impossible! 10

A concern for spiritual reproduction
"Important as church growth is, is not Christian procreation a purer expression of that which God has called us to do?" Page 11

Divine healing
Missionary W. Ezra DeVol, M.D., brings a balanced and scriptural expression on a subject ofwide current interest. Page 12

Christian education 'happenings'
A successful program at a local church proves that "primary church IS a ministry." Page 14

Regular Features
Friends Write 2
The Face of the World 4
The Children's Page 16
Books 18
Over the Teacup 20


Northwest Supplement

Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, June 1972 (Vol. 5, No. 10)