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Charlotte Macy was born in 1925 at Greenleaf, Idaho. She graduated from George Fox College and Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. She was recorded as a Quaker minister, active in promoting church, college, and camping in the Northwest. She and Dorothy Barrett established, helped build, and pastored the first Quaker church in Silverton, Oregon. Macy also pastored at Scotts Mills Friends Church, was an administrator at Twin Rocks Friends Camp, and served on the Board of George Fox.

Silverton becomes a monthly meeting. This picture and story in Northwest Friends, December 1963.

Left to Right:
Harold Beck, Quarterly Meeting Committee member
Clifton Ross, Quarterly Meeting Committee member
Fred Jarville, clerk
Charlotte Macy, pastor
Dora Lingenfelter, recording clerk
Walter Cook, Quarterly Meeting Committee member
Doroth Barratt, associate pastor (not shown)


NWYM, Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, Churches