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Reviews the video, Self-Injury (with) Wendy Lader (2006). Self-injury behavior (SIB) includes, among other behaviors, "intentional carving or cutting of the skin and subdermal tissue, scratching, burning, ripping or pulling skin or hair, swallowing toxic substances, bruising, and breaking bones" (Cornell Research Program, 2006). Over the last two decades self-injury reports have risen noticeably because of increased SIB in adolescents, more clients seeking help, and increased reliability in diagnosis among professionals. The alarming numbers indicate a desperate need to understand how to diagnose and treat SIB clients effectively. In response to this escalating need, guest expert Wendy Lader is featured in this video segment of the American Psychological Association Video Series, Specific Treatments for Specific Populations. The video intends to present Lader's brief analytic approach to working with SIB clients. Lader has refined this approach as codirector of the program S.A.F.E. Alternatives (Self-Abuse Finally Ends), founded over 20 years ago by the program's administrative director, Karen Conterio. This video sets out to demonstrate Lader's clinical approach of the S.A.F.E. Alternatives program with Rachel, an adolescent identified as a self-injurious client.


Originally published in PsycCritiques