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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology


This study offered an exploratory investigation of the extent to which the Navy's most successful officers have been mentored. The frequency, duration, nature, and significance of mentor relationships in the careers ofretired U.S. Navy admirals was assessed. A survey instrument concerning mentor relationships was mailed to a sample of 1350 retired admirals. A response rate of 51 % was achieved. Results indicate that 66.8% of respondents had been mentored at some point during their military career. Respondents reported an average of 3.35 mentors who were most likely to be male military officers, most often older than the protege, and in the respondent's chain of command. Overall, mentor relationships in the Navy were considered to be extremely significant for the proteges' personal and professional growth and a general evaluation of mentor relationships was significantly related to the respondents' satisfaction with their careers.

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