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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology


Marble Retreat is an interdenominational psychotherapy treatment facility dedicated to ·eating clergy in crisis. Its mission is to facilitate healing and restoration to those who are in ocational Christian ministry through a Christ-centered approach to brief, intensive sychotherapy. The doors of Marble Retreat have been open since 1974. Over the past 33 years, 1arble Retreat has worked with over 3000 clergy in crisis. Recently, Marble Retreat has hanged directorship for the first time in its operation. In 2003, the Board of Directors of Marble ~etreat officially appointed Steven Cappa, PsyD and his wife Patti Cappa, MS, LMFT, CAC II ) oversee ministry operations. In an attempt to assess both the strengths and areas of growth in the current treatment 10dality employed by Marble Retreat, an outcome evaluation was conducted using a quasixperimental pre-test/post-test and 6-month follow-up research design. In particular, the esearch assessed the treatment outcomes of clients who enrolled at Marble Retreat from January 006 thru February 2007. Included are a brief history of Marble Retreat and its philosophy of treatment, as well as a review of the existing empirical research on the individual functioning of energy. At posttest Marble Retreat participants showed significantly reduced psychological [stress, improved marital adjustment, and increased spiritual well-being. It is also concluded 1at at a 6-9 month follow-up the effects of treatment were sustained in psychological mctioning and spiritual well-being, but not in marital adjustment. No differences were found in ffects of 8 and 12 day treatment programs, which supports the decision to move to an 8 day treatment model.

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