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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology


A series of exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were conducted for the field edition of the Leiter International Performance Scale-Revised (Leiter-R). The sample for the field edition of the Leiter-R was divided into 3 age groups (2-5, 6-11, 12-21 years old) for this series of analyses. Two factors were identified for the youngest age group (2-5 years), three factors were identified for the second age group (6-11 years old), and five factors were identified for the third age group (12-21 years old). These shifts in the factor structure of the test provide evidence for the age differentiation hypothesis. Implications for the clinical assessment of nonverbal cognitive abilities are discussed. citing traditional applications of the original Leiter. as well as some potentially new applications for the Leiter-R. Potential applications for the Leiter-R include cognitive assessment for individuals who are developmentally delayed. speech impaired, hearing impaired, traumatic brain injured, or stroke affected. The complexity of the factor structure for Leiter-R, especially in the absence of a factor structure for the original battery, suggests this revision will make the Leiter-R have a wide range of clinical applications.