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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Graduate Department of Clinical Psychology


The past 30 years has witnessed a dramatic shift in worldview from [he modern m the postmodern. This can be seen everyday in an, architecture, teaching, music- virtually any expressive medium and recent philosophy. The underpinnings for the postmodern shift in culture revolve around 1.hc Lack of absolutes, non-representative language, a new tolerance and diversity for different ideas and beliefs, and a belief that individuals create their own reality in the social context of community. The family is not immune to these culture shifts and is reflecting them in many ways. Parents of the modem era, the era defined by the scientific method and an assurance of a better future, are facing postmodern teenagers in increasing number. These households have. at their center, a new generation gap that requires exploration. The focus of this dissertation will be on effective parenting styles in the wake of [his cultural shift. Specifically, styles of parenting will be discussed, especially the authoritative model. as they relate to postmodern teens. Secondly, studies of the experiences of groups acculturating to American life are reviewed to provide clues as to what areas of life are likely to affect families, and how modem parents can best understand and guide their adolescents as they show signs of adapting to the postmodern worldview. These review chapters combine to provide a foundation from which to offer new insights into relating to the postmodern teen. Case studies are provided to clarify these new approaches.

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