Quaker Religious Thought


Lloyd L. Wilson


I am an apprentice to the Quaker faith tradition. I am a recorded minister, speaking under the authority of a minute issued by Friendship Friends Monthly Meeting, and with the specific release of my anchor committee in that meeting. Wil Cooper said that we Quakers tell so many stories about ourselves because, without creeds or dogma, stories are how we remember who we are as a people of faith. I am not able to articulate an adequate Quaker theology of vocational ministry; I can tell you some stories from a lifetime of wrestling over an adequate response to God’s call to holy surrender. I’ve learned three lessons from events in these stories: God’s call to individuals is persistent and perceptible; the call is to a life of surrender, not to a particular mission; and one’s vocation in ministry is meant to be lived out in the threefold relationship of individual, God, and the faith community.



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