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Excerpt: " "Eunice, is Larkin Cox speaking the truth? Does thee desire to marry him and go to that wild new Territory, infested still with wild buffalo, coyotes and Indians?"

The tall young man, with the fingers of his right hand touching the new but heavy growth of dark beard, looked steadfastly at the slender Quakeress across the fireplace from him. Eunice Cox stood. She looked not at her father, who had spoken, but at her lover and replied, "Yes, father; I wish to marry Larkin and go wherever he sees fit to take me." Her mother and sisters began to weep. Her brothers, William and Reuben, not to be repressed, taunted her:

"What will thee do when a wild buffalo chases thee or the Indians surround thy house?"

"I shall trust God to keep the buffaloes away and to make the Indians friendly, and trust Larkin Cox to make peace with the Indians."

Then said stern Michael Cox, the father of Eunice, addressing his wife, Rhoda, "We must speak with Gideon and Hulda Cox. Thee is not of age, is thee, Larkin?" "

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Originally published by Standard Press, P. 0. Box 964, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Published Under the Auspices Carson W. Cox Memorial Prayer Band for Southwestern Evangelistic Mission (In China), Mrs. Florence Ranzona, Cor. Sec. 5918 Rita, Huntington Park, California.

Carson W. Cox: A Missionary to China