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Of making many books there is no end," declared wise old Solomon; but he also said that words from the wise would be as "goads" for correction, and "as nails fastened" to help settle one's convictions as to truth; thereby others would be "admonished." This has been the basis of the inward urge of the Spirit to put into writing personal experiences which have been milestones of spiritual growth. It is only with the hope and the prayer that this record may be illuminating and helpful to other pilgrims on life's pathway that this record has been written.

The Lord Jesus Christ assured His disciples that the Comforter, or Holy Spirit, would guide them "into all truth." We cannot apprehend it all at once. We read it in the Bible from day to day, but God uses the experiences of life to make it real and vital to us by the illumination of the Spirit upon us, for our growth in grace and a knowledge of the Truth.

Some feel quite uncertain as to how much or how little one must believe for salvation, or to escape the errors of our modern day and its false cults. Some perhaps need help and encouragement in the matter of prayer in home affairs and in ascertaining the will of God. We earnestly pray that these lines may be effectively used by the Spirit.

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Some Milestones of the Spirit