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Only a brief word of introduction need be written. First Friends Church of Cleveland has a history of genuine interest to many. The data which these pages contain could have been gathered, put into intelligible form, and made most valuable to the reader only by one intimately acquainted with the personalities and events of the years. Such a person has been found in the writer, Mrs. Nellie S. Waterbury. Her long membership and active interest in this meeting provide a background. of understanding of the events which the book sets forth. She is well fitted for her task by native ability as well as by Divine grace. Mrs. Waterbury is at present an elder in this meeting.

The thoughtful, prayerful reader will peruse these pages to rejoice in God's goodness to His people in this city during past years; then, out of this record, he will seek to learn valuable lessons to fit him better for his share in the Lord's work now and in future days.

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Cleveland, Ohio


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A History of First Friends Church

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