Quaker Studies


Jane Pietrusiak


Sir James Reckitt, a Quaker, Chairman of Reckitt & Sons, Limited, a manufacturer of laundry and household products based in Kingston upon Hull, was well known as a local philanthropist. Philanthropy, perhaps combined with fear of social unrest, but with a firm foundation of his own experience in public life, provided the impetus for Sir James Reckitt to build Hull Garden Village, commencing in 1907. A range of house sizes was rented to the workforce and others, within walUng distance of Reckitt's factories. Local architects Runton & Barry supervised all aspects of the building and village lay out. Community feeling was encouraged in social events, sports and gardening for men and women. Reckitt family members donated a club house, shopping centre, village hall and almshouses. Hull Garden Village was built largely as the vision of one man, with significant input from family members, using personal financial resources gained as a major employ er in a large port. Almost a century later, it remains a pleasant and sought-after residential area.



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