Angela Ilić


"The European Union has been hit hard by the international financial crisis, which has con-tributed to weakening the already precarious economies of member states such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Concurrently, the Union has been experiencing an identity crisis, with lack of clarity and consensus about which shared values hold the diverse states of Europe together beyond the common economic and political interests. Both processes have led to increased Euroskepticism across the continent.2 Parallel to these developments an alarming upsurge in re-ligiously and racially intolerant rhetoric and even acts of violence have occurred.

This essay presents, within the complex European religious and demographic context, spe-cific elements from the public discourse and self-representation of Muslim communities in southeastern Europe relating to European integration. Examples from the edge of the EU, Croa-tia and Serbia, and particularly aspects relating to identity and to interreligious dialogue are highlighted."



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