This article aims to build a potentially adaptable model of clinical pastoral care for Estonia’s healthcare institutions. To help the development of spiritual support provision in Estonian healthcare institutions, we are currently working on creating a model of clinical pastoral care that would be in accordance with the local circumstances. Preparatory research in the matter has addressed the socio-cultural and institutional context that shows the great need for interdisciplinary teamwork. The current article offers concrete proposals in the following main points: a) presentation of the pastoral caregiver; b) main actors; c) forms of cooperation; and c) education and internal trainings. The model construction draws information from international research and considers it in Estonia’s local context. Spiritual support provision in Estonia’s healthcare has not yet been taken for granted and the concept is not fully understood. Secularity and religious diversity also set complex frames. Therefore, the model is suggested in guiding proposals, not in a rigorous structure. As such, the model could also be useful for healthcare spiritual support developments in other countries with similar characteristics. The article also poses possible questions of the implementation potential of the model.



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