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Most of the ordinary issues of OPREE contain articles dealing with diverse subject matters. This issue is different; it is special because it is devoted to the jubilee fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of autocephaly of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. The initiative for it came from one of our advisory editors, Prof. Ruzhica Cacanoska, from Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, a country both ancient and new.

The proclamation of autocephaly, i.e., a totally self-governing Orthodox church on July 17, 1967, has not only been rejected by the Serbian Orthodox Church within which the Orthodox Christian churches of the Republic of Macedonia were situated, but has not yet received canonical acceptance by any other Orthodox church. This is not unusual; other Orthodox churches also had to wait lengthy periods before such independence was confirmed by their sister churches. Details of the history and current issues can be found in this issue.

The special issue is lengthy as it contains ten articles, nine by Macedonian authors and one by a Russian. In addition to acknowledging the very labor-intensive coordinating role by Prof. Cacanoska Skopje, we wish to acknowledge the support by the Orthodox Theological Faculty "Sv. Kliment Ohridski," especially its dean, Prof. Gjoko Gjorgjevski, and Prof. Aco Girevski. Special thanks to our editorial assistant, Ms. Lena Van, who, as a volunteer holding a full-time job, somehow managed to copy-edit all articles in a very short time.



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