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Readers of OPREE are likely to consider different articles to be of importance to them and perhaps to the wider readership. Generally, I avoid trying to influence the readers as to the importance of the content of this publication as I rely on the intelligence and goodwill of the readers. In this issue, I am making an exception. Often I have heard friends in the USA and abroad complaining that so-called moderate Muslims do not publically condemn Islamist terrorism and do not provide alternative voices to the militants. From my extensive contacts with Muslims, I know this not to be true. What I did discover is that the authentic voice of the majority views of Muslims is often not afforded publicity in our media, press, and publications.

In the writings of Dr. Mustafa Cerić, the Grand Mufti emeritus of Bosnia and Herzegovina, our readers will encounter a powerful voice directed both to Muslims and non-Muslims appealing for an effective coexistence and cooperation. The article, “Invitation: Declaration of European Muslims,” though originally written in 2006, seems as relevant in 2017 as it was when it was written and deserves wide dissemination. The article was recently published in an unusual multi-language book in Sarajevo which I also reviewed in this issue. My hope is that our readers around the world will read it carefully as Cerić is a prominent representative of a multitude of Muslim voices around the world who have not yet received due attention. In these tense times, it is important for those who believe in the possibility of forgiveness, reconciliation, and peaceful cooperation across various human barriers to respond to the former Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Dr. Mustafa Cerić and build good-will on this solid foundation. I invite you to this by sending me your comments.



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