Elena Glavtaskaya is a professor of history at Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg, Russia. She has defended her Kandidatskaya dissertation in 1992 and her Doktorskaia dissertation in 2005 at the university. She has also led several research projects focused on the religious landscape of the Urals and Siberia and is currently leading the research project, “Ethno-religious and demographic dynamics in mountainous Eurasia around 1900,” supported by the Russian Science Foundation. Her latest articles are “Nobody Pressed Hard, and People Listened to the Message of the Kingdom,” “Jehovah's Witnesses» of the Sverdlovsk Oblast: a historical and anthropological research,” published in Quaestio Rossica, and “Religious Landscape in Post-revolutionary Russia. The Case of Ekaterinburg,” published in Transilvanian Review. She also serves as an advisory editor for Occasional Papers in Religion in Eastern Europe. She was interviewed by Sergey Belyaev, a representative of the information agency “Politsovet.ru” in January 2018.



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