Research on the mutual impact of Christian churches and the Cold War is proceeding albeit slowly. One of the most important initiators of such research, the prominent church leader Risto Lehtonen of Finland, has now added his own study based on his personal experience in executive positions with the World Student Christian Federation and then more pertinently as Director of the Department of Church Cooperation of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF). With occasional direct references to his own role in the historical development of the churches’ role in the post-World War II rupture of the world into two hostile camps, the author has based his research, analysis, and evaluation on a wealth of primary sources such as proceedings of the Assemblies of the LWF, reports and archival material of unpublished sources, oral reports, and many secondary sources. Thus, the work has the authenticity of an eyewitness to many of the developments described in the book supported by archival material and published sources.



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