Excerpt: "The issues of civilizational identity became paramount to the social existence of the church in the decade of revolution and war (2010-2020). This decade has become the most heroic and, at the same time, the most tragic one in the history of modern Ukraine, for its people and its churches. The Maidan and the Revolution of Dignity (late 2013 to early 2014) gave the people of Ukraine great hopes and expectations for the choice of a European future. The annexation of the Crimea by Russia and the ongoing war in the east of Ukraine, as planned by the Kremlin’s current leaders, should have destroyed those hopes, but instead they gave rise to resistance and defence of their choice. The heroism of Ukrainians helped to hold back the military pressure of Russia in 2014 and has been holding up to the present day. However, the gradual loss by Ukraine of what is most valuable, namely its people and citizenry, as well as the territories and economic potential, in addition to hardships and woes of war, created complex problems. All citizens of Ukraine, regardless of their religious affiliation and preferences, have been affected by these problems."



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