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Restless Hungary


"Nowadays, many people ask what is happening in Hungary. Especially people who came to know and appreciate our country as the happiest barrack in the Eastern bloc and who knew from their own experience that it was an island in the great communist Red Sea, the Archipelago Goulash (alluding to the Archipelago Gulag in the Soviet Union). After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Hungary was for a while still a pioneer in the transformation to the market economy, to democracy, in short–in the direction of freedom. And now the economic data shows that Hungary is no longer a pioneer but has rather slipped backwards. Government policy is being branded "illiberal"3 and despite more and more similar choices throughout Europe, we are still considered the forerunner of xenophobia. A country of hospitality has become a country of hostility towards guests. Help for understanding this is needed, urgently."



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