In this article, we research those publications that show examples of Protestant social service to people in need, including people with disabilities. Ukrainian scientific studies have not considered this issue but only briefly mentioned their charitable deeds. This article demonstrations that Protestant denominations in Ukraine--whether Baptists, Pentecostals or Adventists--are sympathetic to people with disabilities. They establish various organizations, foundations, and volunteer actions to care for them. Protestants rely on their religious teachings that call them to help those who need it. They help both morally and materially. The assistance is provided selectively, in those places where a certain community operates, so the effects are largely felt by those who belong to this denomination. In addition, there is an uneven distribution of Protestant communities in Ukraine. Most members of these denominations settled in Volyn, Lviv, and Bukovyna, and are virtually absent in eastern and southern Ukraine. Protestants do much to arrange a more comfortable life for people with disabilities, taking care of their health and communication. The members of these denominations were recommended by the media to cover all charitable activities more actively, not only their own but also the general Ukrainian population, so that more people get acquainted with them, helping to develop a more tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities and providing a more positive view of the Protestants.



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