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The content and main directions of PR activities of Muslim religious organizations of Ukraine were analyzed (on the example of the RAMU “Ummah”). It was determined that it is characterized by the use of many resources and modern media technologies. PR activity has a multi-channel nature: through print and electronic media, as well as radio and television, although Internet resources, including social networks, prevail. An universal model of PR activities of Muslim organizations is the posting of general information on the basics of Islamic belief and features of religious practice, as well as digitized thematic literature, on electronic resources. The Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” in its PR activities also uses streaming technologies, i.e. continuous broadcasting of events in real time, mainly to cover charitable, cultural and educational PR actions conducted by the organization. An important direction of the PR activities of the RAMU “Ummah” is the coverage of the participation of their leadership in state events, as well as the adoption of declarations of their interaction with the authorities and the public. The signing of the Charter of Muslims of Ukraine and the Social Concept of Muslims of Ukraine became significant. PR activity in the field of science is implemented, firstly, through the support of scientific and educational projects, and, secondly, through the coverage of scientific events, especially in the field of history, on the organization's media platforms. And in the field of culture – in two aspects: as patronage and as intercultural mass communication. Substantial adjustments to the PR activity of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine “Ummah” were made under the influence of the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The leitmotif of PR activity was the affirmation in the media space of the ideas of peace, support of co-religionists – the Crimean Tatars, the military through participation in the chaplaincy movement. And after a large-scale invasion – humanitarian aid to the victims (regardless of religious affiliation) and updating on the need to identify Ukrainian Islam.



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