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The article analyzes the inter-Orthodox conflict in Ukraine in the context of the search for ways of reconciliation. The path to reconciliation is shown to be a fundamental Christian principle capable of overcoming serious reasons for enmity and hatred, as has been repeatedly demonstrated in history. The potential of the concept of "open Orthodoxy" in the formation of a new culture of inter-Christian dialogue and coexistence is revealed, the implementation of which can ensure Ukraine not only the unity of Ukrainian Orthodoxy, but also the unity of the Ukrainian people. The role of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations in resolving the inter-Orthodox conflict is shown in the example of its "Strategy of Participation of Churches and Religious Organizations" in the "Ukraine - Our Common Home" project. The specified strategies of reconciliation operate in the inter-religious field of Ukraine and play an important role in the further development of a high level of tolerance within its territory.

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